5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception Menu Just A Little More Fun

Food glorious food; don’t care what it looks like. Well, maybe that is true if you are an orphan boy who is starving, but for a wedding, how the food looks and tastes can be critical. Think back to when food has been the most fun for you. It probably was when you were a kid, or you when on vacation and tried something new. That is what we need to do for your wedding menu. We need to mix it up, try something new, and reflect back to what made fun so much fun when we where kids. So while you are getting your wedding programs printed here are a few food ideas so you can get your wedding menus done at the same time.

Food Trucks

I know that food trucks have been around for a while, but they are just too fun not to explore as a food option for your wedding. You can pick one or two of your favorite local food trucks and have them set up at your wedding reception, and it will be a pleasant surprise and fun for your guests to select what they want to eat.

Food Bar

Food bars can be similar to food trucks as that your guest can go to a buffet type table and select precisely what they would like to eat. Food bars can be fun because not only can you use them for the main course, but you can also do an appetizer or dessert bar. Some fund food bar ideas would be pizza, ice cream, candy, or taco. You could do any type of food and turn it into a food bar that will surprise and make food options more fun.


Fondu is not only for the cheeses. Generally, fondu is associated with melted cheese that you then dip veggies or bread, but you can have hot oil and cook meat in the oil. Another fondu option is melted chocolate. Who doesn’t love melted chocolate that you can dip fruit, pastries, and other yummy treats into? You can set up fondu pots with cheese, oil, and chocolate at your tables and provide your guest with the meat, fruits, and veggies and let them have a ball.

Themed food

One fun thing to spice up your food options is if you are getting married around a particular holiday is to have themed food. For example, say you are having a fall wedding you could go with Halloween themed food; bat burgers, mummy dogs, bat bites, ladyfingers, toad toast, etc. You can make the food and put cute labels next to all of the foods to get kicks and giggles from your guest.


I am not referring to water fountains but more of the chocolate fountain variety. Fun fact, you can use chocolate fountain for more than just chocolate. There are videos out there of people who put ice cream, beer cheese, maple syrup, caramel, soup, chili, hot sauce, etc. into chocolate fountains. It would be a fun idea to get a bunch of different fountains with different sauces and then provide foods to dip into the fountains. Your guests will be surprised by different fountain options and have fun trying each and every one.

These are just some of the fun food options you can select, but there are so many more you could go with. Once you have chosen what food option you would like to go with, you can add those menu items to one of your wedding menu cards so that your guests can see the fun food options you selected. Food is meant to be fun and enjoyed, so let your creative juices flow and let your imagination direct you toward the best fun food option for your wedding